Top 10 hateful features of Dialux evo

In my previous blog, I outlined the Top 10 amazing features of Dialux evo. Since nothing is perfect, this time I will give you the Top 10 hateful features of Dialux evo. The list is below:

1. Sketchup cannot directly import

2. Heavy PDF file report if CAD is integrated

3. Unstable (crashing)

4. Heavy file CAD file compare to Relux

5. The missing image when adding false colour in the PDF report (compare to Relux)

6. No emergency version

7. No sports lighting option

8. Glare report issues and White Balance Manual Option

9. No tunnel lighting option

10. Not available in Mac

Sketchup cannot directly import

If we can export the REVIT file into IFC file which we can use in Dialux evo, Sketchup also does the same. We usually export the Sketchup file into .3ds file. This is fine, but it is time-consuming and the Sketchup software is not free.

The other thing is if you do ever use the .3ds file from Sketchup, there is some glitch on the object like triangle surfaces that are visible in the lighting design calculation rendered image. See the sample image below.

In comparison, AGI32 software can import the .skp file directly into the software, which for me, I think is more efficient. I am hoping that in the future version of Dialux evo, this feature will be added.

Heavy PDF file report if CAD is integrated

This is the worst feature of Dialux evo. When you added the CAD file to the report, the PDF becomes so heavy. If you compare it to Relux, Dialux evo PDF report is absolutely disappointing. Relux PDF report is so light even if you include the CAD file in the background. For same page number, the Relux PDF report will have 1mb while Dialux evo report will have 5mb.

See the image below on how the two software PDF summary report with CAD background looks like.

The first one is the Relux and the second one is the Dialux evo.

Unstable (crashing)

Dialux evo is still in the process of development, that’s why it is unstable and you will encounter crashing at any time.

The latest update of Dialux evo is an upgrade of the installer with a patch, but with the version of 9.1, there are still some glitch and crashing especially when the file is getting bigger.

See the image below for some of the errors in the Dialux evo 9.1.

Heavy file CAD file compare to Relux

Another crazy feature of Dialux evo is the heavy file of the exported drawing. This is because of the 3D object of the luminaire. Imagine if you have lots of heavy 3D luminaire in your lighting layout, it will increase the file size by 10 times.

I am hoping that in the future version, they will have the option to make the luminaire drawing to be flat or 2D similar to the objects.

See the image below how the luminaire with 3D CAD file looks like and the option to make the object flat in Dialux version.

The missing image when adding false colour in the PDF report (compare to Relux)

Another ugly feature of Dialux evo in comparison with other lighting design software is the missing base plan in the PDF report if you add the false colour on the summary report.

Why I want to see the plan behind the false colour you may ask? It is because I want to see the lux value in every areas (like the table) in just one glance.

I hope that they look into it when they release the new version.

See the image below showing the comparison of Relux and Dialux evo report with false colour using the image as a base plan. The first picture is from Relux, while the second one is from Dialux with and without false colour on the summary report.

No emergency version

This has been the comments of all Dialux evo users since the first release. The emergency lighting calculation option is very important in lighting design especially in today’s strict regulations in terms of emergency lighting requirements.

I made a tutorial on how to use Dialux evo for emergency lighting, but you need to understand some guidelines before doing it. Like the percentage output of the emergency version of the luminaire especially if it has LED lamp. It also sometimes varies on the driver used.

Some LED fittings have 10% lumen output if it is in emergency mode, while other brands have 20%.

Check this video tutorial on how I did the emergency lighting design calculations in Dialux evo.

No sports lighting option

This feature is a little bit considerable since Dialux evo is meant for architectural lighting at first. But then, if Dialux evo can do both indoor and outdoor lighting and we can add multiple buildings and rooms in one file, then why not add the sports lighting option? Sometimes we have complex projects like landscaping plus sports lighting.

It will be more efficient and amazing if they add this option in the next version.

I created one project with sports lighting using Dialux evo. Watch it here.

Glare report issues and White Balance Manual Option

I received some comments from Dialux evo users about the glare issues, which I never check and encounter yet. If this is really an issue, I hope the team will check and correct it in the upcoming version.

Another one is the white balance in manual option. When you drag the level to 10000K, we are expecting to make it look bluish but its a reverse. It becomes warm color. Im not sure if it is an error or not, but for a first time user it is a little confusing and frustrating. See image below of the screen shot of this opton.

No tunnel lighting option

Actually it is not a hateful feature but an envy feature. This one will be in comparison with Relux software. There is really no option for tunnel lighting for Dialux evo before even for the Dialux software. But then, it is more convenient if they can add it to the future upgrade. I just hope the software will still be free if they include this amazing feature.

See the image below for the tunnel lighting option from Relux.

Not available in Mac

I cannot say anything about this one so much because I am not a Mac user. But some of my students are complaining that they cannot install Dialux evo because it doesn’t have a Mac installer version.

There might some way on how to install it on Mac, which they can ask the Dial team about it. Here is the link to the conversation from Dialux support regarding this issue.

So, that’s it! These are some of the hateful features of Dialux evo. If you have comments or suggestions to solve some of these, please do comment so that other lighting designers including me will not be hateful anymore. Then I can say "thank you" now.

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