Why is there a need for lighting in Golf Course?

So, you saw those beautiful images of golf courses. The lush green in the daytime, the scenic views under the sunshine. Why then we need lighting for the golf course when it is much better to play it during these hours?

Well, then? These reasons come to our advantage – when there is a need for lighting design, lighting designers come along the way!

Why then again is there the need for lighting in Golf Course?

1. Temperature: In some regions like Dubai, the extreme heat during the daytime is not suitable to play golf. Therefore, night time with an average temperature of 26° C is the best time to do it.

2. Busy day: Businessmen and women are busy with their errands during the daytime, and the only way to catch up with their golf sports is during night time.

3. Night time view: Sometimes exploring the beauty of nature is more exciting during night time. The shade and shadow of trees, the night stars, the glittering skyscraper on the background and the mesmerizing ground contour makes the golf course more pleasing to visit at night.

4. Exclusivity: Some golfers prefer to practice or play golf exclusively. Due to the high demand for the golf course during the day, golf clubs extend their service until night time.

5. Expensive game: Golf is officially the most expensive sport to play as per Todays Golfer magazine. A total cost of $214 a month just to play golf. It is therefore a good profit for golf clubs to invest in good lighting to cater to their rich and passionate clients. Good for us! We are involved in this richness!

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