Daylight Calculation using Hella Blinds

I received a very interesting e-mail from my Youtube subscribers today. He is asking for a daylight calculation. I cannot just leave that person in space, so I created a video for him eventhough I never tried using it in Dialux evo.

First I downloaded the plug-ins for blinds from Hella manufacturer. For those who wants the copy of the plug-ins, you may download it here, or you may get it from the manufacturer list of Dialux evo and directly download the plug-in.

Then, I watch the video from Dial Team, read the daylighting standards, then, create a small project just for this experimentation.

I will try to finish this design tonight and I will post it in my Youtube channel.

So for those who wants to learn how to do the daylighting calculation, please watch that video.

Here it is now! Enjoy watching this video tutorial!

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