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Office Lighting Design Education

This is a 24 hour tutorial on how to do the office lighting design.  The series of tutorial comprise of both theory and hands-on.  Videos, PDF, and sample files are available for download.

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There are four parts that summarize this book. We try to make it simple and easy to read. One part discuss the theory of lighting related to retail shops, then standards concerning the lighting  for retail premises, third is the “How-to’s” in doing the lighting design, and last is the evaluation chapters where we will analyze, evaluate and criticize some existing retail shops.

Offcie Lighting Design Considerations



Before a lighting designer starts selecting luminaire and calculating the lighting design, he/she must find or ask the client about the limitations, requirements, lighting concept and the basic considerations in lighting design. These are: 1. Brand or theme, 2. Light Sources, 3. Sustainability, 4. Architectural design.



There are different organizations who sets lighting design standards for lighting. The lighting design will then depends on the region or country it is located. Most of these guidelines or standard refers to the local situations.

For this application, we will focus on the guidelines from The SLL Lighting Handbook.

Types of Lighting in Offices



There are 4 types of lighting is retails shops, these are: General or Ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.  These four lighting types if used in one design will create a better retail environment. Two or combination will also suffice.  We will discuss these types one by one.​

3 Ways to Light an Office Space



There are 3 ways to light a retail shop, these are: Common, Formal, and Dramatic. Different character of the brand depends on the ways it is lighted. Different character of the customers will also gives different ways on how to attract them.

Different Areas in Office Project



The Science of Limbic Lighting with the Gruppe Nymphenburg. Study design. Limbic® Emotional Assessment (LEA) is based on the methods of neuroscience and psychophysiology. The latter discipline deals with the connections between emotional processes in the brain and the concomitant physical reactions.

Office Luminaires



Luminaire types for retail shops must be properly identified.  Without knowing the right fixtures will lead to wrong calculations and designs. Sometimes the light fitting becomes part or the retail brand.

Lighting Techniques



This is the most exciting part of this book.  This is where you will learn the basic techniques on how to do the lighting design for retail shops.  We will discuss every areas and one by one we will give you the techniques on how to light it.  For every area, there will be links to video tutorials.  I am sure you will love it because this is how the hands-on tutorial goes. 




There are tools which we need both in designing and operation and maintenance in the retail shops, these are:

  1. Computer Software – Designing

  2. Aiming Devise – Installation

  3. Lux Meter – Commissioning

  4. Luminaires Manual – Maintenance

These tools are very important both in the beginning and last stage of the project.

Lighting Design Report



You will never know if your design is correct or not without checking and showing the results to the client or consultant.  We will discuss the different lighting design report one by one.  These reports must be fully understood by the client or the consultant.  I will give you the links for the sample reports to be downloaded for free.

Lighting Design Software



Software is the most important tool for Lighting Designer.  It is the one that supports the validity of the design.  There are many lighting design software available in the market.  For this tutorial, we will use Dilaux evo software.

Lighting Design Hands-on



Hands-on is the best way to learn the retail lighting design. Theory and standards will only guide you on what to achieve, but the hands-on will teach you on how to achieve it.  This is the best part of this on-line tutorial.

Project Evaluation



Before we end this on-line tutorial, let us evaluate some existing retail store and see how we can apply, critique and learn from these designs.  We will evaluate the following retail stores:

  1. Chanel

  2. Prada

  3. Gucci

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Instructor Biography

Nelca Roco has been working as Lighting Designer at ZumtobelGroup for 8 years now. Her first based experience gave her the edge to teach the techniques on how to design lighting. She is a licensed architect and a LEED AP.  She is now pursuing the LC certification at IALD.

To find out more about her, check her Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account.