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Indoor and outdoor lighting designs.
Office Lighting Designs

These are the projects I made for Office Applications.  This portfolio contains lighting studies about office lighting, sample projects, Dialux and Dialux evo files, and beautiful images extracted from rendering and raytracing.

This portfolio contains all the projects I made for my 9 years in lighting design career.

Facade Lighting Design using Photoshop

This is the collection of my Facade Lighting Projects using Photoshop software.  It is not always necessary to produce your facade lighting project in Dialux or other software, it is much faster if you do it in Photoshop.

Although Photoshop is not reliable in giving the right effect, but I am telling you, when you get all the experience you can easily tell if it is possible or not by just looking at it and by studying the luminaire to be used.

Residential Lighting Design

This portfolio contains residential projects, from big villas in Dubai to modern houses in Europe.

This residential projects are designed using  Photoshop and Dialux evo software. I am sure you will be inspired by this collections.

I made an effort to show it all to please the client and to get the order.

Landscape Lighting Design

This portfolio is one of my favorite.  I used Dialux evo most of these designs.  Shopping 3D objects in 3DWarehouse and exporting it from PCON Planner is the fun part of doing the landscape lighting design. 

Aiming the floodlights and arranging recessed luminaire along this area makes me feel more creative.

I created a lot videos in Youtube on how to do it.  Watch it and be inspired! 

Sports Lighting Design

I thought I am only capable working with architectural lighting design like facade, landscape, retail, office, residential, and commercial, but when I cross the line and go for more technical like sports lighting, the feeling is much overwhelming!

These are the collections of my sports lighting design.  Football, golf course, cricket, tennis, swimming pool, etc.

Retail Lighting Design

This portfolio is the collection of my retail lighting projects, like Lacoste, Faces, The Kooples, Spar supermarket, and restaurants like Delifrance, and London Dairy.

I used Dialux evo in most of these designs.

Retail Lighting Projects are challinging to create due to some restrictions from the company brand.  But its fun! coz the images you will create are all amazing compare to boring street lighting.

Industrial Lighting Design

I do not limit myself to architectural lighting design where beauty is always the number one consideration.  I also love working with industrial projects where efficiency and sustainability is the most important to consider.

This portfolio is my Industrial Lighting Projects, like Warehouse, Substation, Seaport Yard, Hangars, and Manufacturing facilities.

Road Lighting Design

Forgive me if I mentioned that street lighting is boring compare to other architectural lighting design.  It is boring but challenging.  When you do street lighting design and you want to create the most efficient road lighting, you need to play a lot of optics and pole arrangement.

This portfolio is all about the different kinds of road, street, round-about and path lighting design.