Top 10 hateful features of Dialux evo

In my previous blog, I outlined the Top 10 amazing features of Dialux evo. Since nothing is perfect, this time I will give you the Top 10 hateful features of Dialux evo. The list is below: 1. Sketchup cannot directly import 2. Heavy PDF file report if CAD is integrated 3. Unstable (crashing) 4. Heavy file CAD file compare to Relux 5. The missing image when adding false colour in the PDF report (compare to Relux) 6. No emergency version 7. No sports lighting option 8. Glare report issues and White Balance Manual Option 9. No tunnel lighting option 10. Not available in Mac Sketchup cannot directly import If we can export the REVIT file into IFC file which we can use in Dialux evo, Sketchup als

Top 10 amazing features of Dialux evo

I have been a lighting designer for more than a decade now and I keep using the same software which made all my projects a success. This software is the Dialux. But with the advent of Dialux evo, I said this is my perfect software. Here are the Top 10 amazing features of Dialux evo on my list and why I keep using it. 1. Spotlight on 2. Indoor and Outdoor Calculations 3. High-quality visuals 4. Light Scenes 5. Luminaire Partnership (Lumsearch) 6. 3D object luminaire 7. Daylight calculations 8. Calculation options 9. IFC file import 10. Free! Spotlight On This is one of the coolest features of Dialux evo. You can see the effect of luminaire immediately once you selected one luminaire and tu

Golf Course Lighting Design using soft contour

I am working on a new golf course project in the middle east when the client commented on my rigid contour. He asked if I can do something about it. What is wrong with this contour? See the image below. It shows how sports lighting design works using Dialux software. But then, how can you compete with the client wish to see something better. Until I discover the Sketchup command called Sandbox. I love it! This is going to be the answer to my client's request. So, I used it and look at how the contour shows a soft gradient that is pleasing to the eye. This is the best upgrade for the golf course lighting design! Thank you, sandbox! If you want to watch the video tutorials on how I did i

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