Tips and Tricks in Lighting Design

I really wanted to create a page where lighting designers who prefer to read rather than to watch Youtube channels, can read the tips and tricks in designing using Dialux evo or any other software. Here are some of my collection of tips and tricks which some of it are shared by my colleagues in the office. I will upload more so my readers will enjoy it.

Road Lighting Design Tutorials

Have you ever wonder how the road lighting design calculation is being done? Check these video tutorials to find out how. Videos are available for those who are lazy to read. Lighting design tutorial, the real how-to is very rare in the Youtube world, that's why I created these videos to help myself and other lighting designers to ease their pain in finding the right information. Road lighting design is not just about laying posts along the road and mount the luminaires. You need to consider a lot of things and you need to achieve the requirements from the road lighting design standards. You may think just lit the road and that's it. But no. Road lighting must convey safety and securit

Retail Lighting Design Tutorials

So much for technical lighting design so I decided to do something familiar to my turf in architecture. The retail lighting design. I have created the first video tutorial, actually two videos already. One is the introduction and the other one is the beginning guide based on SLL Lighting Design Handbook. I do this just to review myself and to share it with others. In my opinion, lighting design in retail application is very important to consider. Lighting in shops or boutiques or groceries made people buy more. Retail Lighting Design Introduction This first video will tell viewers who I am, how long I work as a lighting designer and what they will expect in the series of video tutorials.

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